The Journey Begins

Hello !

I am so glad that you are here.

Zero waste living is very much a journey.

It will take a lot of  time and effort but as long as we are heading towards the right direction, it is all good. This journey is going to feel quite frustrating and even impossible at times, not because we aren’t trying hard enough but because we live in a linear economy, which doesn’t support a circular mindset.

That is why we are here, to connect, support and help each other make a difference.

What is Zero Waste Wiltshire ?

Zero Waste Wiltshire (ZWW) is a campaign to encourage and connect people to live a zero waste lifestyle.

Trying to change our (wasteful) habits is very difficult. We need all the support that we can get and with ZWW, we want to help build a community of like minded people, going through the same journey together.

It is a place where we can learn, inspire and equally important, provide advice and support to each other in our effort of minimizing our impact on the environment

Why Zero Waste ?

The UK generates almost 250 million tonnes of waste a year and a large portion of that end up in landfills, or even worse, in nature.

Plastic pollution in particular is very bad for the environment and its inhabitants, causing all sorts of problems and even deaths to our animals.

Not only that, if we continue to carelessly consume the way do, we will reach a point of no return in just a few years and risk causing permanent damage to earth.

Who is behind Zero Waste Wiltshire ?

People behind ZWW is me, a mum of 11 year old twins living in a small village just outside of Chippenham, and then there is you.

You are a big part of this campaign. We need you to help sharing your journey  ( both good and bad ), tips and ideas on how to live with less waste here in Wiltshire.

Are you in ?

How do we become part of the Zero Waste Wiltshire community ?

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Feel free to share, comment and chat with us via any of those channels.

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