Sustainable fashion campaign #nonewjune launches to tackle UK fast fashion

MCR Love Your Clothes, a Manchester-based ethical fashion organisation, has launched #nonewjune to ask people to stop buying new clothes for a month.

In the UK, we buy more clothes per person than any other country in Europe [1], and produce more than 350,000 tonnes of textile waste each year [2]. The fashion industry globally is also responsible for producing more CO2 than international flights and maritime shipping combined.[3]

Founders, Amanda, Amber and Amy are all fans of fashion but hope to change the UK’s consumption of fast fashion and help people to shop more sustainably. Amy from MCR Love Your Clothes said “As awareness grows of the negative impacts of the fashion industry, there are so many people looking for ways to make more ethical fashion choices. We want to help people do just that, by challenging themselves to reduce what they buy, and then providing the information they need to shop more sustainably in the future and help make their clothes last.”

Amanda and Amber added “We aren’t perfect, and we aren’t asking people to never buy new clothes again, but by signing up to not buy new clothing for one month, you will be making a difference.”

Everyone who signs up to the campaign here – – will receive useful tips on how to survive their month without buying new clothing, including how to take care of clothes so they last longer, how to shop secondhand and how to recycle clothing responsibly at the end of its life.

Follow mcrloveyourclothes on Instagram and Facebook for news on sustainable fashion events and giveaways and post with the hashtag #nonewjune to engage with the campaign.

I am in, are you ?!

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