10 Ways To Win At Zero Waste Living

  • Shop naked – Do your research. Find out where you can shop naked groceries and remember to bring your reusable bags and containers ! Green grocers and farmers markets are usually good places to go but I have also found that supermarkets are getting better too. Aldi has a great bakery section, as well as a good selection of unpackaged nuts. Morrisons now do a lot of naked fruits and veg and you can also bring your own containers to their butcher and fish mongers.
  • Composting is cool – There is always going to be a little bit of food waste, no matter how hard you try. Invest in a suitable composter. There are loads of very cool ones on the market. (Wiltshire residents get great discounts on Green Johanna composters from Great Green Systems .)
  • Grow Your Own – The most sustainable way to feed yourself and your family is to grow your own. Start with easy things like salad leaves, tomatoes and beans, which can all be grown in pots, if you don’t have a garden.
  • Be Organised – Zero waste living is all about thinking ahead, so you don’t get stuck with wasteful options. Always bring your reusable water bottles, shopping bag, cutlery set and perhaps an empty container. If you have kids, bring snacks !
  • Borrow More – there is absolutely no point in buying anything if you are just going to use it once or twice. Ask a neighbour to see if you could borrow theirs or check to see if there is Library of Things near you.
  • Reuse Everything – reuse, reuse, reuse, everything. Glass jars for example can be re-used for all sorts of things, from drinking vessel to food or pen storage. Be creative.
  • Say No to Rubbish – Yes, say no when someone hands you a freebie. You don’t need another promotional item. Really, you don’t.
  • Get Swapping – Swap instead of buying new. This both great for the environment and your wallet. There are all sorts of things you could swap. Plants, books, clothes, food … the possibilities are endless. Why not organise a swap with your neighbours ? It is a lot of fun.
  • Do it Yourself – making is fun ! Bake, knit, sew, build … do whatever you enjoy and be resourceful. Use what you have and try and get materials through sustainable, plastic free sources.
  • Keep Mending – learn how to mend or head to a local repair cafe and ask them to help you. There are endless tutorials on how to mend everything you can think of online. Learn something new, challenge yourself and feel great about doing something for the environment.

Have fun and enjoy a less wasteful lifestyle.

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