Zero Waste Picnic: National Picnic Week

National Picnic Week takes place between the 21st and 30th June June across the UK, so grab your blankets and baskets and get out to the great outdoors for a good old fashioned picnic but with zero waste in mind!

Disposable food and beverage packaging are some of the top offenders for litter.  I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has cried out at the litter left in some of our favourite picnic spots.

So, for National Picnic Week challenge yourself to ditch single-use items in lieu of reusables! Need some inspiration?


Veggies: Bring your favourite finger foods layered in mason jars or other reusable containers (and do the same with the home-made dips!)

Fruit: If you’re not growing your own head down to the market with your containers and get stocked up! Many fruits need no containers at all – bananas, melons, apples…just bring a knife and small chopping board.

Meats & Cheeses: Again, head to the deli (even the one in the supermarket) and get them stocked up.

Drinks: I am sure I don’t need to say a reusable water bottle is the way forward!


Cutlery: Use what you already have in the drawer at home. If you’re in short supply you’ll be able to pick some up from the local car boot or charity shops. You could also buy a kitted up Picnic Basket (see below) or grab some compostable plates and cutlery, Pipii has a brilliant selection.

Plates & Bowls: As above! Again, you can buy second hand if you don’t have enough.

Napkins: If you have some at home, use them or make your own from fabric scraps. Pop them in the wash after and you can use them time and time again!

Containers: Look what you have at home already – think outside the box. You could repurpose and reuse!

Wax Wraps: Ditch the clingfilm and invest in some wax wraps. They’re compostable!

Picnic Baskets: If you don’t have one, and don’t have something that can repurposed invest in a sturdy one which will last a lifetime. You could even buy one similar to the Sandringham Wicker Picnic Basket which has everything you need for six people. Another favourite is the Anorak backpack offering which is great if you’re going to have your hands full with little people!

Do share with us your zero-waste picnic ideas. You can leave a comment below or pop over to my Facebook page.

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