Ask The Retailer: Waitrose & Partners

Recently Waitrose launched a plastic free aisle trial with the help from @unpackaged, which is very exciting.

Me: This is great but will it be priced same as packaged products ? As in my experience, unpackaged is often more expensive.

Waitrose: “Hi, depending on what product you buy from packaging free section. It can either be cheaper or a little more in price. It’s worth checking with a partner in store for specifics.

Me: Would be amazing if it was cheaper, as that is definitely one of the issues with zero waste shopping at the moment. Is this going to be rolled out to other stores ? Do we know that yet ? And if so, do you know where ?

Waitrose: We will keep all our customers up to date as much as possible. All feedback comments and ideas are being collected during our journey to support us further.

Are there any questions that you would like to ask your retailers ? Or perhaps there are some questions that you have asked and would like to share with us ? Get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Ask The Retailer: Waitrose & Partners

  1. Hi,
    I have noticed your website and facebook profile.
    I was wondering who you were?
    I was also wondering if you might like to come over and talk to us The Healthy life in Devizes.
    It might be an interesting article about how a traditional health and lifestyle store decided to go down the zero waste route.
    For now we have a staged approach for our products:
    1) zero waste refill (60 ish products- we started with 23)
    2) biodegradable packaging
    3) bring your bags back for recycling

    From a background in waste management -I am following the packaging chains. So I guess its the obstacles facing retailers and what a small store can achieve.
    If you think its something interesting to readers do please get in touch.


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