Ask The Retailer: Hello Fresh (Again)

After my previous question to Hello Fresh about their packaging, I followed up with another question:

“Thanks for clarifying it. It just seems such a shame getting rid of it in the general waste as the liner is so bulky.

Any ideas what i can do with it ? Do you take them back for reuse ?”

This is what they replied:

Thanks for getting back to us.

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t take them back to re-use.

Although, we will pass this back as an idea to the relevant team.

We have had customers find innovative ways to re-use these items some have used the insulation as part of there pets beds. Others have used it on the vegetable patch to keep the veggies warm during cold snaps.

Alongside this, we have also recently thinned the lining we use in order to reduce the plastic in the boxes giving us an annual secondary packaging plastic reduction of 28%.

We’re doing everything in our power to reduce and improve our use of plastics in the boxes.”

It is a shame that don’t take it back for reuse, but good news is; they are looking at ways of reducing the waste.

Are there any questions that you would like to ask a retailer ? Or did you ask a retailer something that you would like to share with us ?

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