Zero Waste Festival Kit

I love a festival but when I see the mess left at festivals I can’t help but feel awkward at the environmental disaster left behind.

Thankfully, many festivals have been recognising just how awful it is, noone wants to have to deal with this…..

However, I am also not going to stop going to festivals, what I am going to do is make sure that any festival (or other outdoor event) I attend includes my zero-waste festival kit.

First part of the kit is bringing the reusables – great for the pocket too – my reusable water bottle and coffee cup are an obvious starting point, but its all the little things too…

  • Reusable napkins
  • Utensils
  • Containers for food to be served in
  • An e-ticket – these are becoming more readily available
  • The festival app – there’s no need for costly coated lanyard programmes.
  • Reusable pint cup – or make sure I use the ones which you return for recycling, most festivals do this these days.
  • Flannels and bowl – no wet wipes! If you really feel the need for wet wipes, make sure you buy the eco/biodegradable ones.
  • Biodegradable glitter – like those found at Eco Glitter Fun because glitter is litter! Don’t forget Lush do the fabulous Shimmy Shimmy too.

Importantly, forget fast fashion. Borrow items from friends or check out charity and vintage shops on and offline. Reuse, repurpose. Get creative.

Finally, do not leave anything behind. My tent will see me happy for years. I pack light and only take what I really need. We need to stop the throwaway mentality – yes, festival tents can be bought cheaply, but they’re also made cheaply. Buy once. Buy well.

Let me know your tips for a zero waste festival, If you’re attending a festival this summer, I’d love to know if the waste issue is being addressed. Send me photos, tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

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